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Carolina Airparks
In July 2016 we found a house in a local airpark community that the owner had been trying to sell for several years.  He had listed the house with various agents in various agencies but had not found a buyer.  Most airpark homes are rurally located where local comps did not support the values of these unique homes.  

My husband Bruce took one look at the house and said, "I can sell this house."  We went home to create our web site  And Bruce did sell the house.  

Interest in took off.  Interested buyers contacted us while we began to investigate and research all of the airfields we could find in North Carolina.  We collected information creating an informative data base of information about both active and defunct airstrips.  We learned the many problems buyers ran into by blindly buying properties on these airstrips.  Most buyers didn't know how to protect the costs they were putting into the airfield properties they were buying.  There is no real estate course that teaches agents how to protect residential aviator buyers from the unique problems some of these buyers have experienced.  

We collected restrictive covenants and other information about these airstrips, met with developers and eventually we were contacted

by the NC DOT Department of Aviation.  We had some information they didn't have so we shared.


Early in 2007 Bruce was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Despite his health and our limited time and resources, the business flourished finishing 2007 with the most sales we have had.  Bruce died in April 2008 but when I returned to our office the economy had completely dried up sales.  Only a few foreclosures and one or two "give away" sales occurred in residential aviation properties the following years.  There was little interest from buyers who by now were struggling with their own economy issues.  Retirees couldn't sell their homes in other states so they couldn't buy here, lot owners couldn't build the dream homes they had planned, some aviators experienced health issues losing coveted medicals and others just plain lost interest in building a new home.  Eight years made the world of difference in the lives of pilots who dreamed of "living with their planes".  The residential aviation market was dead not only in North Carolina but in states all across the US.


The Spring of 2015 brought the first hopes of recovery in this unique market niche.  Easter of 2015 our web site began to experience an enormous increase in visits by complete strangers.  Buyers began signing up for our newsletter indicating an increase in interest in residential airpark properties.  A few buyers bought houses and many owners began re-listing their lots and homes for sale.  Some properties had been on and off the market for years, some as far back as 2007.  The market was flooded with listings.  But ready willing and able buyers were few. 


Memorial Day weekend 2016 was when the first calls came in from serious buyers ready to buy.  This time buyers wanted existing houses; no buyers were interested in buying a lot and building a house of unknown cost.  Since Memorial Day many hangar homes have sold, especially those modestly priced.  This trend continued throughout the summer of 2016.  There are few modestly priced homes left for sale.  Some of the more expensive homes remain on the active market while others have sold, indicating the trend toward increased prices for hangar homes.  Buyers are becoming more selective in the homes they are buying and sale prices are going up slowly. 


Some buyers are now saying they will consider buying a lot if they cannot find just the right hangar home for them.  Today's lot buyers are not long-term investors as they were before the recession.  Today's lot buyers are ready to build now or in the near future.  They price housing costs before they buy and they are more serious and less dreaming about their purchases.


UPDATE 2023-2024:  Although airpark building lots have been selling slowly, most aviator buyers still want an existing hangar home.  As a result as of 11/20/2023 there are no airpark  hangar homes for sale in North Carolina and only one airpark hangar home for sale in South Carolina.  there are a few properties with private hangars  and a runway but the runways are very short.


For Sellers, we advertise your properties in major aviation publications and on various aviation web sites.  You may not care if your buyer is an aviator but the health of aviation communities depends upon buyers with aviation interest.  When you look up sales in aviation communities keep in mind that those sale prices include an agent commission.   You may sell your property yourself, but buyers expect to pay much less when they buy from you.  One buyer told me that he sold his house for a particular amount but when I evaluated his sale, I found that he could have pocketed almost $30K more had his property been properly advertised on the open market.  He lost a lot of money.


PROSPECTIVE SELLERS - Our marketing campaign targets the aviation community worldwide!

PROSPECTIVE BUYERS - We have all the information you need about airpark homes and lots. 

North Carolina Airparks was Born!   Our purpose is to assist both buyers and sellers

with an expertise about the unique "need to knows" of each airpark community - they are not all the same.

For SELLERS it is our marketing campaign that targets the aviation community rather than the general public.

For BUYERS - most other agents in real estate do not know the ins and outs of each aviation community or how to protect your airpark investment when you buy an airpark property.


ABOUT NC-AIRPARKS.COM - In 2004 North Carolina was the only state to have this type of real estate service operating in this way. 

Calls from buyers and sellers in other states ask, "Why don't we have such a service?"

HERE IS WHY!  This has been a labor of  LOVE.....TRUST.....HONESTY!

We LOVE our work.....We TRUST you to use this service so we have the means to keep it going

AND we are HONEST, that means we are up-front with you about our services -we do not make promises we cannot keep.



Bruce lost his battle with cancer on April 6, 2008.  Please read his story here. 

 Story of Bruce's Battle with Cancer

 Sell airpark and  airstrip property.  That's what we do!


It used to be... when owners of aviation property prepared to sell, they listed with a real estate firm about which they had heard good reports.  Unfortunately, due to the uniqueness of the property, the firm had difficulty in determining the value, had no idea how to target aviator-buyers, and could not relate to the  unique needs associated with the aviation community.  In their hearts, non-aviator realtors simply cannot appreciate the value of fly-in communities nor consider runways to be of much value.  The listing was advertised on a multiple listing service (MLS), real estate websites, Buyers' Guides and local newspapers - all of which did not target the aviation community.


But now there is a better way . Why?  Because is the only real estate firm having a specialty of residential runway property in North Carolina.  We know this niche. Period. We market aggressively to aviators on the Internet, through trade publications, at major airshows and at fly-ins.  We are in front of aviators' eyes every day.  Count on it. Getting more potential buyers looking at your property brings a quicker, higher-priced  sale's a choice only you can make.



Please read MORE about SELLERS AGENTS



North Carolina Airparks was Born!

I am Geneva Allen, a real estate broker and Realtor® located in Salisbury, North Carolina.  My specialty niche of the real estate market is in AIR - Aviation, Investment & Residential Properties.  My firm is Allen & Allen, Incorporated licensed in North Carolina (and now in South Carolina) and, yes, my market niche is indeed selling homes having (airplane) runways!

In 2000 I married Bruce Allen (an avid aviator and pilot employed in IT).  I retired from teaching mathematics in NC in 2001.  Together we found our niche market and established in June of 2004 by designing our website and advertising in every issue of Trade-A-Plane.  You, the visitors to our site, established there was indeed a demand for this type of service.


We scoured the state looking for airstrips, gathering information and establishing data bases about existing properties.  As a result we acquired an enormous amount of information.  NC-DOT Aviation contacted Bruce and he was able to share information they needed and did not have. 


When Bruce became ill (See Bruce's Story), I received calls and emails from so many of you with condolences and encouragement to keep this service going.  I continue to receive new calls and emails everyday regarding aviation property in North Carolina and in other states as well.  This enthusiasm on your part encourages me to keep alive and moving forward.


I know what's available in North Carolina and will work to find aviation property suitable for the unique needs of you and your family.  You will not be shuffled off as a referral to some agent that doesn't know the difference between a Helio and helicopter. So, let me know what you are looking for and I will do my level best to find it.  You will not find a more loyal, a more knowledgeable, or a more dedicated real estate firm anywhere.  Plus, I'm a good person to know.



-- Covenants & Restrictions (CCRS)

-- Maps

-- Plats

-- Comps for airpark sales in the state.

-- We know all properties for sale in the state whether listed or not.

-- We will search if you cannot find what you want.


If you have a question and I don't know the answer, I'll find it. 


I receive contacts and information from developers and investors in other states who are selling airpark properties. 


I will share this information with my clients and customers. 


Please read MORE about BUYERS AGENTS




As we gathered data regarding North Carolina airpark properties, Bruce excitedly posted information on our new website.  He loved talking to aviators and listening to the dreams many had of living in an airpark community.


But alas!  Thank you notes for properties buyers found via our work did not pay our bills or support our efforts.  It didn't take us long to realize that we were in the business of selling information.  Selling information didn't appeal to us but in our own best interest we had to remove much of our information from the website. 


We also heard from many former buyers who had made mistakes in purchasing properties in the past.   Be careful!  What you don't know can hurt you and what I know can help you. 


I now share our data bases of information with my clients.  Whether you are looking to buy or sell aviation property I am still your best source for properties that are available, for finding something that fulfills your unique needs and for helping you make sure your airpark investment is sound.


The information on this Web Site is obtained when our agents scout out and collect information about both active and defunct airstrips across the state of North Carolina.  The agency relies upon this data for the purpose of doing our real estate business and providing clients with information about airparks and airstrips that are in the state of North Carolina.  Allen & Allen, Incorporated, operating under the registered trade name, makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning its accuracy and completeness and users are advised that their use of any data is at their own risk.  Allen & Allen, Incorporated assumes no responsibility for any decision made or any actions taken by the user based upon information obtained from this Web Site. The user agrees that Allen & Allen, Incorporated shall be held harmless from all actions, claims, damages or judgments arising out of the use of data displayed on this site.

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